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More useful links about writing for comics

Thought that with it being an absolute age since I last updated the blog I’d pop in some more links to useful resources on writing for comics.  And compared to last time I’ll actually explain what the links lead to!

First off is a set of videos from last year’s Thought Bubble ‘1,000 words’ talks, where the likes of Simon Spurrier, Kieron Gillen and Anne Holloway give brief, but really informative talks on all different aspects of comic writing and art – I highly recommend Si Spurrier’s contribution, it helped my own writing a lot;

Here Brian Bendis answers some questions relating to his writing; some book specific, some more process related – the most salient point for me is his point that you can never, ever please everyone, so don’t try too hard to;

‘Concentric Circles’ was a column the now near-ubiquitous Jonathan Hickman wrote for iFanboy a long, long time ago – across the different instalments he covered a lot of non-craft related ground, but there is also sections about his working process and these some-what irreverent posts were never less than interesting;

More Jonathan Hickman here, but with added Brian K. Vaughan and Grant Morrison too.  A summary of a panel at last year’s New York Comic Con; this blog post is brief, but manages to cram in a fair amount of insight into all three writer’s thinking – HIGHLY recommended;

Writer of Marvel’s ‘Venom’, ‘Fearless Defenders’ and ‘Deadpool’ miniseries’, as well as his own ‘Helheim’ and ‘The Sixth Gun’, Cullen Bunn is a busy writer, but recently got many of his fellow writers/artist/comic people to assist him with a blog post outlining what advice they wish they could have given themselves back when first trying to break into comics.

Chris Oatley is a incredibly positive dude (which might have something to do with him working for Disney) and he wrote a concise but info-tastic blog post about how to write comics that goes into plenty of depth without info-dumping.  Some of the points he makes are pure gold;

And finally a trio of posts by Sara Ryan, graphic novelist and one time Hellboy artist, who put together post for comic writers based on listening to the grumbles of comic artists – Whenever you are writing anything it is key to remind yourself that unless you’re drawing it yourself, you need to be mindful of your collaborators, and these articles focus on that;

Hope you find them useful!


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